Another: Επεισόδιο 3. Εργασία με οστά

//Another: Επεισόδιο 3. Εργασία με οστά
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Επεισόδιο 3!
Σεζόν 1!


Επεισόδιο 3. Εργασία με οστά.


Mei reveals that one of her eyes is a doll’s eye that can see strange things. She tells Kōichi the haunted legend of the town: a student from Class 3-3 of 1972 also named Misaki died but the class continued acting like Misaki was alive, thus inviting death. Kōichi’s classmates avoid the story whenever he asks them about it. He learns that the girl who died in the hospital was Misaki Fujioka, Mei’s cousin. After Mei claims that she can only be seen by Kōichi, Yukari flees from them and dies in an accident.

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